How HiTempTech saved FiberTech Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

18 May 2017   Case Studies

Who Can Repair Old Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer Systems?

aging catalytic oxidizerMany thermal catalytic oxidizers were built years ago and they can be difficult to properly maintain and repair because the original manufacturer has closed.  Since HiTemp Technology has been in business for over 35 years, we have a lot of experience with many different types of oxidizers and can usually repair expensive systems so that appropriate EPA compliance is continued and no fines are incurred. Read more to see how we recently saved a company thousands of dollars. 

A company in Ohio, FiberTech, makesFiberglass Reinforced Plywood panels (FRP). When you put in a basement or bathroom the wall boards are fiberglass covered plywood for strength and for water proofing. 

They first make the weatherproof panels using polystyrene and Old Catalytic Oxidizerfiberglass reinforcing fibers. During the curing process, polystyrene vapors are given off and must be cleaned using a Catalytic Oxidizer (Catox) before being exhausted to the atmosphere. This Catox unit is a machine that raised the temp of the exhaust using a preheat exchanger and a gas burner. The heated gases then go through a catalyst like you have in your car to oxidize the gases. If the system is not running, they have to shut down the whole plant and send everyone home. This company bought a new catalytic unit 25 years ago with a (then) state of the art computer control system.Now move ahead into the future 25 years to 2017. The manufacturer is out of business, the computers are all antiques, the operating programs can only be worked with on a computer with a 25 year old Windows OS. How many of you still have one?Now the hard part. No one knows how to repair or fix the equipment. Not fixing the equipment is not an option because the fines would be formidable. The company cannot afford a new $500,000 system and still stay in business.So we got a call in January from an old friend asking me if I could help keep them running. Luckily my lovely wife Julie is a driving fool. She drove the entire 520 miles. We were there on a Saturday morning and worked with the maintenance people until getting the system running and back on line. Success at a price much less than $500,000!

Maintaining and repairing old oxidizer equipment is one of the problems faced by many companies that are still holding on. Stay compliant and contact HiTempTech today!