What Are Enclosed Ground Flares?

3 April 2017   Anti-Pollution

Clean and Efficient Enclosed Flare Systems

HiTemp Technology has developed an enclosed ground flare system that assures maximum destruction of any methane present in the exhaust gas.

Enclosed flareEnclosed Ground Level Flare systems, also known as vapor combustors or thermal oxidizers, are combustion systems that take potentially toxic or flammable exhaust gases and converts them into less harmful vapors in settings where air quality regulations require guaranteed compliance with maximum NOx and CO emissions. They are suitable for thermal destruction of a wide range of waste gases including rich and lean gas mixtures. These devices destroy hydrocarbons, volatile compounds, odors, and other objectionable waste streams.
In enclosed ground flare systems, the burner heads are enclosed within a refractory shell that is internally insulated. The shell reduces the internal blaze, noise, and heat radiation, and it provides protection from the wind. The Enclosed Ground Flare system uses an efficient burner to provide smokeless operation inside of a combustion chamber that completely conceals the flare flame. Enclosed flares generally have less capacity than open flares and are normally used for low volume, constant flow vent streams. They can be designed with or without temperature control; with temperature control, these flares can meet the most stringent emission values.
Enclosed flares are typically found at landfills and in industrial settings that are densely populated such as refineries, chemical facilities, tank farms, and gas pipelines.
There are many advantages of having an enclosed ground flare:

  • It does not require supports or a stack, which allows pilots and other weather sensitive equipment to be easily replaced and cleaned.
  • It uses clean, smokeless burning
  • There is no radiation or visible emissions outside the unit and does not require steam or air assist
  • It has a safe design with low maintenance and low operating costs
  • Its destruction efficiency is almost 99.9%

HiTempTech has many years of experience building enclosed ground flare systems.  Please contact us today to get a quote for an energy efficient enclosed flare.