Thermal Oxidizers Reduce Air Pollution

21 March 2017   Anti-Pollution

Destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants with a Thermal Oxidizer HiTemp Technology Corporation (HTT) offers the industry’s only FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on High-Efficiency Thermal and Low-Temp Catalytic Oxidizer Systems. A thermal oxidizer, also known as a thermal incinerator, is a process unit that reduces air pollution in many industrial facilities by decomposing hazardous gases at a high …

Rotary Kilns for Pollution Control

2 February 2017   Anti-Pollution

Hazardous waste incineration with Rotary Kilns

HiTempTech has developed and built many anti-pollution systems which burn hazardous materials at a high temperature and end up with environmentally friendly gases. One of the anti-pollution systems we build is a rotary kiln. Please look at our videos on the Waste to Energy Videos page.
A rotary kiln incinerator is considered a pyroprocessing device, or a device that uses high temperatures to chemically or physically change materials. This device rotates different materials, typically hazardous waste, in a series of drums at extremely high temperatures in order to destroy them safely and with as little environmental impact as possible.