Control Air Pollution with a Low Temperature Catalytic Oxidizer

14 June 2017   Anti-Pollution

Lower your costs with a Catalytic Oxidizer

Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers destroy Hazardous Air pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and odorous emission that are often discharged from industrial and organic processes. Through…

How HiTempTech saved FiberTech Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

18 May 2017   Case Studies

Who Can Repair Old Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer Systems?

Many thermal catalytic oxidizers were built years ago and they can be difficult to properly maintain and repair because the original manufacturer has closed.  Since…

What Are Enclosed Ground Flares?

3 April 2017   Anti-Pollution

Clean and Efficient Enclosed Flare Systems

HiTemp Technology has developed a clean and efficient enclosed ground flare system that assures maximum destruction of any methane present in the exhaust gas. Enclosed Ground Level Flare systems, also known as vapor combustors or ….

Thermal Oxidizers Reduce Air Pollution

21 March 2017   Anti-Pollution

Destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants (VOCs) with a Thermal Oxidizer

HiTemp Technology Corporation (HTT) offers the industry’s only FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on High-Efficiency Thermal and Low-Temp Catalytic Oxidizer Systems.

A thermal oxidizer, also known as a thermal incinerator, is a process unit that reduces air pollution in many industrial facilities by decomposing hazardous gases at a high temperature and releasing them into….

Rotary Kilns for Pollution Control

2 February 2017   Anti-Pollution

Hazardous waste incineration with Rotary Kiln Incinerator

HiTempTech has developed and built many anti-pollution systems which burn hazardous materials at a high temperature and end up with environmentally friendly gases. One of the anti-pollution systems we build is a rotary kiln. Please look at our videos on the Waste to Energy Videos page. A rotary kiln incinerator is considered a pyroprocessing ……….